The DTL is an inter-institutional collaboration, seeking to create a global community of technologists, researchers, policymakers and industry representatives working to advance online personal data transparency through scientific research and design.


Problem Statement

The accelerated growth of the internet has outpaced our abilities as individuals, societies and states to maintain control of our identity and privacy. We need to define new standards and guidelines for how our personal data is owned, accessed and used.

What tools can we create that provide us with insights and the ability to influence the use of our personal data? How can we ensure the policies and tools we adopt are flexible enough to keep up with rapid technological change and changing consumer expectations?


DTL Aims

The DTL aims to:
  • Fund research to support academic partners to consider current practices in the area of personal data online;
  • Develop tools and programs that empower individual users by creating awareness and giving them control of their personal data;
  • Work in consultation with researchers, civil society groups and other stakeholders to build awareness of issues related to use of personal data;
  • Produce best practice recommendations, tools and information on personal data transparency online, which may inform further programs for governments and organisations;
  • Connect industries with researchers working in this field to explore practical applications of their findings, including potential partnerships;
  • Build broader public awareness of what personal data organisations and governments hold, how it is used, and your access rights.

To deliver these aims, 3 teams have been established: a User and Community Awareness Team led by Mozilla, a Research Team led by Telefonica, and a Policy Team co-led by the founding members.

DTL Team


Nikos Laoutaris

Chief Scientist – Telefonica Research

Founding Member Representative


Alex 'Sandy' Pentland

Faculty Director – MIT Connection Science

Founding Member Representative


Krishna Gummadi

Head, Networked Systems Research Group


Chris Riley

Head of Public Policy – Mozilla

Founding Member Representative


Pablo Rodriguez

Director of Innovation and Research – Telefonica

Founding Member Representative


Daniel Coloma

Chief Technology Officer, DTL – Telefonica I+D

Founding Member Representative


Ramon Sang├╝esa

Secretary and General Coordination, DTL


Rafa Gross-Brown

UX Design and Communications, DTL


Jessica Carreras

Event planner and Communications, DTL